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Quality Masters, Designed Your Way

Raven Eclipse is a newly started online store, offering fully customizable dice masters intended for mold making for creations of your own personal dice sets. Product offerings are updated weekly!


Custom Dice Masters-Polished

Mold keys.jpg

Mold Keys

Raw 7 set.jpg

Custom Dice Masters-Raw

Set photo b.jpg

Inset face (raised edge) Masters


Raven Eclipse was founded based on principles of quality product with a mindfulness in engineering design for accurate designs and perfect products, every time.


The online store was started by an engineer who took an interest in resin casting, which shortly became a passion for resin 3D printing. Having some experience with 3D modeling and manufacturing, she learned to model the dice and print them through much trial and error. However, after discovering the optimum setup of models for her printer, she was able to produce quality products consistently. Now she is constantly looking for new product offerings and continues to work full time as an engineer while running this small business, in hopes to provide her customers with their dream fully customized dice.

Blank Dice (Set).JPEG


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